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MastersRoulette 'EASY' 

This our basic system which is simplified to enable you to grasp the mechanics of our system in just 1 day and immediately obtain a margin by predicting where the ball will drop on the wheel. Requires little training so its perfect for beginners.

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Implement the double, triple and quadrupole attack correctly and you could rake in $500 daily depending on your stake level.

Ebook will be delivered within 1-7 hours via email after purchase

MastersRoulette 'PRO' 

This is our ADVANCED system which is our FULL system. It is the real McCoy, the creme dela creme of true skill roulette systems and will suit more serious players. For the same price you will also receive our DEALER SIGNATURE system for FREE. This is our best package deal.

Note: All our predictions made in all our demonstration videos were made using our PRO system ONLY.


Both DVD and Ebook versions contains the exact information.

Click the buy now tab to make your purchase. If you cant see the buy now tab then view our website in the classic mode (go to bottom of page to select page mode)                                                

This advanced system is geared for the more dedicated player.
Implement the techniques correctly and you could win yourself a small fortune.

DVD Version
£175 ($214 US)

Ebook Version
£180 ($220 US)

DVD version will be shipped to all destinations worldwide the next day

Download link will be provided for the Ebook version 1-7 hours after purchase 

MastersRoulette 'HOLY GRAIL' 

 The Holy Grail consists of extra roulette knowledge which is not available anywhere else. The additional information found in the holy grail when acquired will help you accelerate your rate of income gained from our visual system. By the time you can generate a steady rate of income from using our visual system, money should be of no object and you could afford this luxury to improve your margin even more. This holy trinity of roulette knowledge is geared for the seasoned professional player.


Acquire this exclusive information and you will propel your roulette knowledge to an ELITE level and to be fast tracked to untold riches.

Price $1200  
 Currently available in a PDF format

Our Manual has been recently updated this year (2019).
Any previous versions are now superseded by our latest update. Our PRO system includes a free full dealer signature system (usually cost £90). This will allow you to bet before the dealer spins the ball, workable for on-line casinos. We would like to thank everyone who have given us their feedback so far.

                 The POWER of our Dealer Signature play


A Full support service  is provided to players who buy directly from us. Do not underestimate the importance of our support service, our aim is to help you on your journey of becoming a professional roulette player.

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