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Information to help you decide

We don’t have to tell you the INTERNET is like a minefield full of bogus websites claiming everything under the sun.

And this is no different either when it comes to ROULETTE, especially on the subject of ‘visual roulette’ or VB in short. We are the only VB website to guarantee you will receive a legitimate workable VB system. Other websites could simply be bogus who pedal their own material hijacking the term ‘VB’ but in fact what you will likely receive is a glossed up dealer signature system (once posted on roulette forums) that resembles VB but lack the full components of a genuine workable VB system. This is a common sales tactic some scrupulous operators will go to take your hard earned money.

How do we know if this is true? And know who’s who and what’s what? Well that’s simple, visual roulette is a SKILL and hence the term itself, only those who are proficient in VB (whom have learnt from the correct material) can demonstrate the ability to predict accurately. If someone claims to be selling a VISUAL SYSTEM, then at the very least you would expect them to demonstrate their level of skill and their ability to predict on wheels they do not own spun by real dealers, after all it's a SKILL and if the system seller haven't shown you how good they are before you make a purchase, then you must to ask yourselves WHY NOT? You wouldn't go to a martial arts teacher who hasn't shown you they can practice what they preach would you? then why would you do the same when it comes to visual roulette?
Those who can not validate their skills will have to heavily rely on their power of persuasion with words? But talk is cheap. What this should tell you is whatever they’re promoting it’s unlikely to be as effective as anything we have to offer here. If they can talk the talk then they should be able to walk the walk. So without further ado, let me show you what we mean by talk the talk and most importantly walk the walk.

In 2004 a professional roulette team legitimately won £1.3 million from the Ritz casino in London. The story was reported in all of the major English news papers, including the Evening standard, the article can be found here:-
CLICK HERE to view article. In the 4th paragraph the author wrote:-

'They were apparently using a laser scanner hidden inside a mobile phone, linked to a microcomputer that calculated where the ball would drop.'

Notice the author
specifically mentioned  'where the ball would drop' and not the winning number. This is important because the team wasn't betting on a single number, they were betting on a section of the wheel. This should reveal to us how effective their methods were. 

We can categorically say you could easily acquire the same level of effectiveness with our system.
YOU WILL be able to predict WHERE THE BALL WILL DROP on the wheel or other words 'where on the wheel the ball will exit the track'. No need for a computer either. That's our promise and our guarantee to you.

Predicting where the ball will drop on the wheel

Predicting where the ball will drop on a modern casino wheel
spun by a real dealer (See how I was able to maintain accuracy on different wheel speeds , this is something our system is capable of)            

Predicting where the ball will drop on a casino auto wheel

Notice my hands are both busy either holding the camera or holding a pen in both of the videos shot inside the casino. This means I could not have been operating any other device, this is a purely manual system.

What the abacus is to the electronic calculator


Masters visual roulette system is to a working roulette computer.

For those who are not familiar with an abacus, an abacus is an ancient computer if used effectively can even out perform an electronic calculator.           
Masters visual roulette system works similarly to an abacus (compared to a calculator) instead it’s much more proficient.  Unlike having to push beads on an abacus to process calculations, with our system, calculations are already made in advance for you on a tangible interface (mini charts).

The information on our charts consists of all the calculations that have already been worked out for every possible situation a dealer will behave with a wheel and ball in terms of how fast and hard they spin the wheel and ball. Another way we can explain this is, let say we have written down on paper all the possible calculations a roulette computer can make, when we want to make a prediction of a spin, the answer is already on the paper, but to find the answer quickly on the paper amongst so many other answers is impossible, but what if there is a cleverly designed tangible interface that could select the answer from the paper for you instantly in an incredibly efficient way. This is exactly what we have done. We have created an intelligent interface that will enable you to access the calculations instantly on just a few mini charts. Although there are a total about 15 mini charts, but because in your preparations you have to determine which chart is right for your wheel (preparations do not have to be repeated), you will only be using one chart (the correct chart) for your wheel at the table. Our system is designed so you can obtain any calculations a working roulette computer can make by simply obtaining the wheel speed of the spin. The wheel speed you obtain will instantly give you an accurate prediction by seeing what the wheel speed equates to on our mini charts (a tangible interface with no mental calculations required) which shouldn’t take you more than one second.  The whole prediction process can take just 3 secs.  2 secs to take the wheel speed and 1 sec to obtain the prediction                                                               

The accuracy of the calculations on our mini charts means our system is the only visual system that will enable you to maintain accuracy linearly to adapt to ‘condition changes’ from slow to fast wheel speeds.

Whenever we mention 'condition changes' it is to do with air pressure and other factors such as temperature changes in the room that will affect the total ball times, meaning the total time the ball takes to complete one revolution of the track may increase or decrease in time after condition changes. For example If you are identifying the 9th revolution towards the end of the spin to make your predictions in, let say the average time a ball takes to complete the last 9 revs of the track is about 10 secs, after conditions changes, the total time it takes for the ball to complete 9 revs of the track may change from 10 secs to 11 secs or to 9 secs. If it had changed from 10 to 11 secs, then that means the ball will fall off the track one full second later and this may mean a difference of 4 numbers (on the rotor) on slow wheel speeds but could be as much as 10 numbers on fast wheel speeds (the faster the wheel speed the more the inaccuracies will be amplified) so you would need to adapt to condition changes to maintain accuracy.

Advanced Roulette Computers require manual input to adapt to condition changes linearly on all wheel speeds. With our system all you are required to do, to do the same task, is by swapping charts either up or down one chart, so unlike other visual systems, with our system you don’t have to mentally adjust when the wheel speed is different from spin to spin. The ability to adapt to condition changes linearly from slow to fast wheel speeds (or vice versa) is unique and original to our visual system. This means, once you are set up right manually  to adjust to new condition changes, you do not need to reassess the position of your predictions in your mind when a dealer spins the wheel significantly faster or slower from spin to spin. This means our system will allow you to maintain accuracy on dealers who spin random wheel speeds without the need for you to adjust the accuracy of your predictions  ‘mentally’ when condition changes occur that can cause drift which will effect total ball times. This makes our system much more versatile and most importantly more accurate. Those factors combined will give you a bigger margin in the game of roulette.

    Is our system the same as other visual systems?  

No, its not. Our system is not the same as other visual roulette systems. The  differences in our system its what makes our system  unique and more accurate therefore more effective. This is why we are able to demonstrate the effectiveness of our system (as seen on our home page)  in a real casino on a casino's own wheel and not just on our own wheel solely spun by ourselves. Why is that important? It is important for several reasons.

                                                        Live demo (level wheel)

1) Its been known skilful dealers can spin a chosen section or even a single number on a roulette wheel. If this is possible then be beware of system sellers who are capable of such skills. Because if they are skilful dealers, then they could easily just aim for a section or even a single number on their wheel (every spin) in their demos and claim the predictions were made by their visual system or their device. But what really happened was they intentionally aimed for the section or number in the wheel with their roulette dealing skills.

This is why we produced the demo of predicting on another roulette wheel other than on our own to prove our predictions are genuine and not as a result of  our roulette dealing skills nor were they a result of  wheels that have been deliberately set up to manipulate the outcome of a spin or on wheels that are set up in a way that allows a very basic visual system to look effective when the truth is under a real casino set up it would fail.

We have taken the extra step of demonstrating the effectiveness of our system on a real casino wheel in order to set us apart from other visual systems. If our system is the same as other systems  then what is to stop  other system sellers  from doing exactly the same thing to gain an advantage over their competitors. The truth is they can't, and no matter how they word it (all sellers will claim their system is the best or discredit other systems by any means), they still can't prove a higher level of effectiveness (shown above in our live demo)  on other wheels but their own. This illustrates our system has what it takes to make it in the real world which is where it really counts.

3) Notice just how early we can make our predictions. Our system has what it takes to give you the flexibility to predict early (you can predict as soon as the wheel speed is obtained which takes only 2 seconds ) or late.  Also pay close attention to which stationary part of the wheel the ball exits the track in our live casino demo. You will notice the ball exits the track on different stationary parts of the wheel from north to west stationary parts of the wheel. The moving part of the wheel is the rotor. This proves the wheel is a level wheel!

Other factors to consider


1) We are not selling a roulette computer.

Why does this matter?

Sellers who are selling a visual roulette system who also sells a roulette computer, would it be in their interest to be selling a visual system that performs just as well as the computer they're selling? the answer is a definite no, because who would buy their roulette computer otherwise?

Logically they're selling or giving away an inferior visual system to illustrate they understand the mechanics of beating roulette to entice you to buy their more expensive product. This can only mean additional profit for them. Because we're not selling a roulette computer, we do not need to hold back any knowledge, so be sure when you buy from us you are buying the real McCoy, a full complete visual system that has the capacity to be more effective than a working  roulette computer.

The truth is, there is nothing more a roulette computer can do other than predict with reasonable accuracy where on the rotor the ball will exit the track in the spin, that's what they're programmed to do, they calculate where the ball will lose enough of its moment and fall of the track. For each click of the button you press on the roulette computer, you're taking the timing of the ball which compares the timing off the ball from previous spins at which the ball had fallen off the track, its a simple task, a task our visual system is well capable of at a fraction of the price you pay for a working roulette computer.

 2) Our demonstrations are not performed under controlled conditions 

                    What do we mean by controlled conditions?

We previously mentioned on our home page in the picture below (a picture taken of a moment in a spin) illustrating number 31 on the rotor is where the ball exits the track and strikes a pin in the spin.


If we unfreeze the moment in the spin and watch the spin unfold, and let say for example if the ball ended up in number 7 after striking the pin in the spin, (ball moving in a clockwise direction) that would mean the ball will have travelled 5 numbers from  number 31 on the rotor (the number the ball exited the track) in the spin. This means in that spin the ball scatter is 5.

But of course the ball scatter wouldn’t be 5 for every spin in real casino conditions unless its controlled. In an example consisting of 22 spins you may see a scatter chart resembling the chart below in normal casino conditions on most common and ball combinations. As you can see they’re pretty random but mostly contained in one half of the wheel. With some wheels and ball combinations, the scatter spread may start from 9 to 29 instead, but generally there will be a visible scatter pattern that you can take advantage of with most wheel and ball combinations found in most casinos.


If you see a ball scatter pattern resembling the chart below obtained from the same number of spins produced on a common wheel and ball combination found in most casinos, then you now know this is unlikely to be normal and any demonstrations you see where you consistently see a consistent short bounce (unless a wheel with high number separators is used) then it’s likely to be a fixed demonstration and the conditions are controlled in the demonstration.



If you pay close attention to our demonstrations you will find they reflect a normal casino environment. The ball scatter in most of our demonstrations are not mostly confined in a very small sector, they’re akin to real conditions found on wheels found in real casinos.

                         Confirmation our demos are performed under normal conditions.    
      The random scatter bounce you see relates to casino conditions and reflects our    

  Be careful some wheels may exhibit a habit of bouncing long, in that   case, you may see the controlled scatter spread starting from 18 - 27.



A wheel rigged with electronics to affect the outcome of every spin. This wheel (below) was found listed on eBay.


Our Wheel (below)



        3) Be sure you are buying a system that can tackle non bias wheels

It’s worth paying attention if the system you're thinking of buying shows you in their demonstrations that its capable of tackling not just 1 or 2 pin bias wheels but also 3 pin and level wheels. Although 1 or 2 pin wheels do exist, they are still scarce and a lot of scouting is required to find them in casinos. Knowing you have a system you know for sure can cope with 3 pin and now level wheels is a must if you don’t want to be restricted to only being able to play on 1 or 2 pin bias wheels. Bear in mind there are 4 vertical pins on a wheel (some have eight), if you predict a spin correctly, but if the ball stays up on the track a little longer than expected and lands on another pin than on the pin you predicted, then your prediction will no longer be accurate. Masters system will be able to cope with such a scenario and help you maintain accuracy regardless which pin the ball lands on. So be sure you’re not being mislead into buying a limited system that you wished could be more versatile and accurate.

The video below shows in one of our demos the ball doesn't just consistently strike the same two pins, but yet you can see we were still able to maintain accuracy. We have chosen to show snippets of our longest demo to illustrate this didn't just happen by chance.


Be sure you are buying a system that can tackle all

ball types.

There are usually two ball types casinos use, the Teflon ball and the ivory ball. Again if a system can only demonstrate the ability to tackle just one ball type, you have to question its effectiveness dealing with more than one type of ball. Other than the Teflon ball type, here we tackle a lighter ball commonly known has synthetic ivory ball, this ball type is much lighter therefore has a more erratic bounce. The Teflon ball is made from heavier and softer substance and has a more controlled bounce.


                                             The betting procedure:                         


Obtain the wheel/rotor speed during a spin using our unique accurate 'GADGET FREE' method of timing the wheel.


Acquire the prediction/s by referring to our mini charts. Our charts are designed for simplicity and quickness to instantly convert the rotor speed you obtain during a spin to give you the all-important prediction of 'Where on rotor the ball will exit the track' without the need for you to reassess any information on our charts to apply onto your wheel, this speeds up the prediction process giving you more time to place your bets.


Next, immediately after identifying a certain ball revolution in the spin, bet the number/s on the rotor from 'The number on the rotor the ball exits the track' to achieve the most consistent wins!! Which numbers to bet?, that information will be provided to you for application in your preparations before actual play.


Next, immediately after identifying a certain ball revolution in the spin, bet the number/s on the rotor from 'The number on the rotor the ball exits the track' to achieve the most consistent wins!! Which numbers to bet?, that information will be provided to you for application in your preparations before actual play.

Because our system includes a method that enables you to accurately and consistently identify a certain ball revolution of any spin with the ability to adapt linearly on slow and fast wheel speeds which doesn't involve any guess work, or the requirement for you to independently collect data from different wheel speeds, our system is designed for a quick understanding of visual roulette. Our Level wheel game, designed for Level wheels, can be learnt in just a single day and will have you playing within just a few days of you receiving our system.

Our system is designed to be compatible with both European and American wheel and with all ball types.

A Full support service  is provided to players who buy directly from us. Do not underestimate the importance of our support service, our aim is to help you in your journey in becoming a professional roulette player.


Interestingly, very early visual roulette players once obtained the wheel speed by using a stopwatch. The method: The stopwatch would normally be started to time the wheel at the moment the ‘0’ on the rotor approaches a pin on the wheel to see which number on the rotor will arrive underneath the same pin exactly 2 seconds later. But for obvious reasons, using a stop watch in a casino environment didn't prove to be so practical, it was quickly replaced by players counting to themselves softly to replace the function of a stopwatch,  i.e ..If one counts 1, 2, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 &10 quickly, the time it takes for someone to count 1 to 10 is near to 2 seconds. So they would use this method and start the counting process to time the wheel at the same time as they would do, if they were using a stop watch. However counting mentally has its disadvantages, it wasn't 100% accurate and it was quite difficult to maintain a consistent mental count at all times even with practice.


Putting aside traditional methods of timing the wheel, with our system, you will acquire our latest and most reliable natural gadget free method of timing the rotor which doesn't involve any mental counting (complete explanation in our system). We have tested our own natural method of timing the wheel to be by far the most practical and consistently accurate method of timing the rotor we have ever employed in a casino environment.  An alternative would be to use a gadget. Stop watches are out of the question, they’re too obvious. The next best thing is to simply employ the use of a metronome as a substitute.

Other Roulette Information

If you play any casino games without a system that can effectively overcome the house edge, you will end up taking the bait the casinos are. For some people the more alluring bait can be the irresistible RNG (random number generator) machines, available to play in bookies and online, they are nothing but fruit machines disguised as real roulette where the results are predetermined. Not surprising being in direct competition, casinos have once taken UK bookies to court in an attempt to lower the maximums on their machines, and 100's of systems to crack RNGs online are offered for sale everywhere on the Internet. They’re cheap for a reason. A person who knows the truth about them alerts his audience:-

Magicians we’re not

We had demonstrated to you earlier the genuine skills we used to predict the outcome of a roulette spin. The reason why we went the extra step of disclosing the visual skills involved in the prediction process in our system is because we want to convey to you the message of authenticity and convince you we have nothing to hide. We hope we have succeeded in that aim by our deliberate attempt to highlight techniques that are realistic and feasible which works with a tangible interface (charts) to serve its purpose of predicting the outcome of a roulette spin. 

Most magicians do a great job at entertaining viewers and the public at convincing us they can pull of certain stunts for real. Of course there are always the few exceptions that really have genuine skills and not just tricks up their sleeves. 

The tricks we’re interested in are to do with predictions.

Let’s look at an example.

Darren Brown predicts Roulette


Before Darren brown was able to make his visual roulette prediction, he first needed to find a volunteer, ideally someone who he could hypnotize easily. In the show, he just happens to hypnotize the first suitable candidate he spots. Its common knowledge not everyone is susceptible to hypnosis, so it's possible he may have tried several attempts to hypnotize a few others before he was shown to be successful. Maybe he was incredibly lucky on his first attempt or he may even be that good, or his failures were not shown to shorten the program. But, what if he was attempting to guess their age or names instead of hypnotizing them and he was shown to be successful at his first attempt?, that would make him (the magician) look good and have the power to predict. What I’m implying is, most magicians will take advantage of the numbers game (probability) to convince you they have the power to predict by only showing you certain material they have filmed. Quite often they will record their predictions from multiple attempts and only show you the time/s when they get their predictions right, this way we don't get to see the times when they failed to predict correctly. This is why our accuracy test videos are important. They show you how our predictions have derived from and gives you a glimpse of our prediction process. This way we can't just shoot a lucky streak of winners and claim we have system to beat roulette based on the lucky streak recorded.


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